Church leadership

*The Scriptures clearly point to a plurality of elders/pastors in each local church. While trusting in God’s timing and faithfulness in the process, Grace Life Church of Dallas is committed to the Scriptures and is praying diligently that the Lord would raise up additional elders/pastors to come alongside our current elder/pastor.

Phillip George (ELDER)

Image of Phillip George

Phil George has served as a pastor at Grace Life Church of Dallas since 2015. In addition to shepherding the flock, he stays busy with operating the accounting practice he began in 2001, ranching, and helping his wife, Bobbi, home educate their 10 children on the property he and his family own NE of McKinney. Along with having a heart for family discipleship, Pastor Phil’s passion is to point the lost world to Christ and exhort Believers to live lives worthy of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Image of Cory Shahan

*Brother Cory Shahan is currently pursuing the office of Elder.*